Adventure in India

Visiting India can never go in vain ! We welcome you to the various adventurous sites other than merely limiting to yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Adventures include all sorts of Night Tiger safari, Camping, River rafting, Hot air balloon rides, Paragliding, Himalayan trekking, Snow Skiing, Water Sports in Goa, Scuba Diving and what not.

Something more about India : India is not only famed for it’s rich and varied heritage and culture but it is also known for the different food, weather, traditions, gods and languages. The diversity of Indian food ranges from North India Kashmir : Tabak Maaz to the South India Kerala : Idiyappam. Moving on we find a satisfying weather in Kerala : Warm year-round and hot , Goa : Beach side town resorts and warm weather , Himalayas : Alpine foothills are the coldest and provide the best time for amorous moments. So don’t miss out to visit best places at their best time to calm yourself down in the serene environment.

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