Destination Weddings


Every bride dreams for a pleasing and self satisfying wedding and feel like a princess on her day. Marrying in a country full of culture and its rich royal history is itself enthralling. Palace wedding in Rajasthan are the perfect example of exoticism and grandeur. Lush gardens , shimmering lakes and old havelis provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for the perfect event. Our company lays down all kind of facilities to effectuate the desires of the bride and the groom in Rajasthan with typical Indian culture and royalty.


Being a part of the wedding the company takes an initiative to maintain the worthiness of the ceremony by being a liaison between all the vendors and the bride and groom. They ensure that all requirements are being satisfied and the guests are being treated well. Not only this they also deal with the palace managers and guarantee perfect decoration of the venue.


Every wedding should be an affair to remember. Keeping this in mind our company offers the best arrangements in rational amount. Beautifully designed ethnic clothes with the essence of purest culture are provided to the bride and the groom. Exquisite palaces furnished with lovely decorations are provided. The squad keeps special care of the guests by providing them with all the convenient amenities.